ABOUT Pierre Fudarylí


Mexican artist born in Quintana Roo, he was trained as an architect in Chihuahua. Parallel to his studies, he began to experiment with digital photo-manipulation and later with photography.

His work revolves around human nature, its passions, strength, excess, spirit and death. Exploring various formal and oneiric possibilities incorporating an automatic vision, where improbability and randomness dissolve its borders, thus generating an hyperssurealism.

The daily geometry of our death, from birth until we cease to die. compose what he calls “altered reality of human energy” which graphically describe the behaviors in different states, different vectors fired in all directions in a fractal way, both introspection and projection.

His art does not represent things in a two-dimensional way, but hepta-dimensional way, it analyzes all the spatial axes (north, south, east, west, up, down and the point where you are) and freezes a moment of our human supra-reality.



entrevista con el comité fotográfico mexicano