ABOUT Pierre Fudarylí

Mexican artist born in Quintana Roo, trained as an Architect in Chihuahua.

His approach to photography was self-taught, this allowed him to play with the established rules and propose an alternate reality.

His work has had presence in various national and international exhibitions, such as Solo show at START Art Fair, SAATCHI gallery with Baga 06 Gallery, London 2019, EPA “expo por aquí”  by NOESUNAGALERIA and Art house Holland in the NSDM FUSE Amsterdam 2019, Manifiesto emergente divergente in Baga 06 in Mexico City 2019, Resiliencia by NOESUNAGALERIA, MAF- Micro Art Fair by #noesunagaleria and Art House Holland in the Netherlands, ZonaMACO photo 2016 and 2017 with Terreno Baldio Arte, Affordable art Mexico 2014, Intervals Chaos, colectivo oscuro Asphyxia, Chile 2014,  La Cave # 3, Atelier Cross Art in Berlin Germany, LOOT by Momentum Fine Art Miami, Endangered Visions at MANILART 2014, in Manila Philippines, Sixth Continent, Palacio de la Merced, Cordoba Spain, Fourth FIARTE International Art Fair in Granada Spain, , Motor de impulso in Terreno Baldio Arte, “la mostra” in Polyforum Cultural Siqueiros between others.

Co-Founder with Ricardo Santos of NOESUNAGALERIA, a self-managed cultural project in Mexico City for national and international exhibitions

His work has been published in print magazines and digital as Juxtapoz in the United States, Normal Magazine in France, the PAC magazine in Spain, Inside Artzine in Germany, Vision Magazine in China, Dark Beauty Magazine in the United States, A! Diseño in Mexico to name a few.


Fudarylí has ​​also been internationally awarded, such as the silver medal in the PX3 Prix of the Photographie in Paris, France, 2015, and David Alfaro Siqueiros’s Scholarship for artistic creation in 2011.


– I’m the “Trickster”, an agent of chaos, an agent of change, My work is an entropic projection of altered realities, each work a different seed in infinite fertile lands.

Art as a transformation tool allows me reconfigure to my pleasure the reality, the environment in which I live and the minds of the spectators.


His work revolves around human nature, its passions, strength, excess, spirit and death. Exploring various formal and oneiric possibilities incorporating an automatic vision, where improbability and randomness dissolve its borders, thus generating an hyperssurealism.

The daily geometry of our death, from birth until we cease to die. compose what he calls “altered reality of human energy” which graphically describe the behaviors in different states, different vectors fired in all directions in a fractal way, both introspection and projection.

His art does not represent things in a two-dimensional way, but hepta-dimensional way, it analyzes all the spatial axes (north, south, east, west, up, down and the point where you are) and freezes a moment of our human supra-reality.



entrevista con el comité fotográfico mexicano